Comment on rapes twisted: Andhra police chief
Comment on rapes twisted: Andhra police chief
Clean Media Correspondent 

Hyderabad, Dec 31 (CMC): Andhra Pradesh police chief Dinesh Reddy has blamed some TV news channels for misinterpreting his comments Friday that hinted at a link between women’s dresses and the increase in number of rape cases.
While replying to a query at a press conference, the police chief had cited provocative dresses of women as one of the reasons for the increase in number of rapes. In a statement issued from the office of the director general of police (DGP) Friday evening, he said he was hurt as some news channels misinterpreted his comments. 
“Also some of the prominent ladies, knowing very well what type of person the DGP is, are trying to react out of proportion thinking the misinterpretation as gospel truth,” said the statement, in an obvious reference to some women’s groups condemning his remarks. 
The DGP office also released a video clip of his comment at the conference earlier in the day. At the conference, he said the dresses which were being worn by women as present day fashion were provoking men and police had no control over it. “Otherwise, why in certain schools you are banning girls from wearing shorts,” he asked. 
He added that it was a free country and people were free to wear what they like. Reddy’s remarks evoked strong reactions from women’s groups, who described them as chauvinistic. The groups accused him of indulging in moral policing.